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This is some of my work, I hope you enjoy


This is brilliant, a story of a girl who wishes to be of the outside world but can't due to circumstance. A masterpiece illustrating th...



Kitsune and Akane Rough Sketch by SimsterD
Kitsune and Akane Rough Sketch
So, I decided to do another redraw, mainly because I really wanted to finish what I had started bu the sketch was human garbage so I decided I needed a complete overhaul.

I also stopped over compensating for Akane's breast size by giving her a longer torso. I make her breasts pretty big so I realized I would some times give her a fairly long chest so that I wouldn't think it looked weird but than I realized that she looked worse because if you took away the boobs, she'd look completely dis-proportioned so I fixed it in this drawing.

I also stopped making her crazy skinny, I guess it's because I'm growing up or other maturity things like that, but I'm not a fan of giant boobs on a super skinny body anymore. I think it looks weird, mainly when the boobs cut off where their waste starts so it just looks like two balloons on a triangle or something. Like, imagine those bazooms on Kitsune's smaller frame, it'd look ridiculous. Larger breasts usually come with a slightly wider frame, not fatter, just wider. So I also fixed that in this drawing.

As for Kitsune...nothing, he's just cute as always, my favorite Trap Character till the end!! I have started making his eyes smaller and actually covering the other one with hair so his hairstyle is changed up a little.
Valentine Breeze by SimsterD
Valentine Breeze
So, the thing Eros was happiest about once he lift the gods was that he would no longer have to wear the clothing of the gods, which was usually nothing for most of them.

So yeah, I'm going to say that his life was probably really hard, going commando in white cloth draped over him.

Her Eyes by SimsterD
Her Eyes
An OC from a Steven Universe RP I started, Pink Tourmaline. I wasn't going to show it to anyone but since it it turned out better than I had hoped I thought I'd share it everyone.
Eros 2015-2016 by SimsterD
Eros 2015-2016
Compare and contrast, the old vector using, giant head havin a weirdly bottom heavy drawn Eros to the now Eros. He's gotten a lot darker over the years as well which is great because tan Greek Eros is cutest Eros!
So It looks like there's a chance I might be a pirate on the open seas! I hope to some day see you all upon the shaky waters of the new world!
Signed-He who dreams of the ocean's waves


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Simon Stamps
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United States
Hello, my name's Danny (but not really) I'm a writer of the really cool kind and an artist. I'm not that great with colors but I'm trying; my dream's to be a manga artist so please look for me in the future!

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