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This is some of my work, I hope you enjoy


This is brilliant, a story of a girl who wishes to be of the outside world but can't due to circumstance. A masterpiece illustrating th...



Rough Sketch by SimsterD
Rough Sketch
An INCREDIBLY rough sketch of a character I'm working on for Apples Of Eden. Again, it's very rough, even for a sketch but I liked it and I'm still figuring stuff out for her so I thought "show what ya got for right now"
Avalon by SimsterD
So, I tried doing a vectorless painting, something I've never done before. Really, it was just a rough sketch that i started to color...than clean up...and eventually I thought "I could probably do a one layer of this, it'll be like water color for a merman, makes perfect sense!!"


Another of Arthur's friends from the past. Avalon was a student with the archmage when Arthur attended away classes in Atlantis. He is a kind hearted soul and a bit of a lady's man, specializing in sound magic and one of the few people in the world who can give Arthur a run for his money in the art of water magic.
Vixen by SimsterD
A member of the student council and current top student at Haven Academy. This cold beauty is swift, wise and calculating but hides a secret she can't let anybody know.

Vixen is from a mysterious clan in the desert lands. While not much is known about her background, she has proven to be an exceptional magical combatant, using her hard work and knowledge of compound spells to create a type of barrier magic that takes the form of red threads that are capable of binding an enemy in a flash.

Being a member of the student council(a right earned through tests and difficult trials) Vixen is given a different casting device than her fellow student body. Not only is it different in shape(A diamond instead of a circle) it's also specially made for binding and magic cancellation, meaning that it can end magical disputes rather easily should a council member need to settle a matter with force.
Sapphire by SimsterD

Sapphire, the sister of Azure and Arthur's other child hood friend(the vast majority of his friends aren't human). She is a tall, sultry voiced, curvaceous Genie(or Djinn whichever you think fits) who loves her little brother.

Like her brother, Sapphire is a genie/djinn dancer and can move between dimensions(usually to cause fun trouble) unlike her brother though, who is unable to use magic, she is a power house of a sorceress, probably one of the most powerful in Grandia. This can sometimes cause a rift between her and her martial arts loving goofball of a baby brother but they love each other a lot and always have each other's backs.

Currently, Sapphire only appears every once in a while due to her love of traveling and trying to keep the family house in order. This leaves her very little time for a love life which can get her down, she used to see this one guy but he tried to destroy the fabric of reality so....yeah.

A free spirit trapped by duty and obligations, Sapphire's greatest wish is to be able to stay in one place that she enjoys; it's great being somewhere new all the time and meeting new people but she justs wants to sit down and rest for a minute, have moments only for herself with people she couldn't live without.

Saya Sorden by SimsterD
Saya Sorden

Saya Sorden is a first year at Haven Academy; she's currently studying Advanced Combat Magic and is one of the hundreds of students under Arthur Hellion. She's very energetic and likes to fight, hoping to one day become a powerful hero of justice that will save the world one day. While her eagerness is admirable, her friend Maya can find it rather difficult to have to catch up to her all the time or be dragged along to some unknown danger.

As you can see, Saya is sporting the Haven Academy Uniform. All female uniforms consist of a skirt with seams on either side for maneuverability in training situations so all girls are required to wear shorts or tights underneath them(this is a school ya know). As you may also notice, there is a gem like emblem on her side.

This charmed jewel is a first year student's spell casting device for the entire year.

Until they graduate, students aren't allowed a custom magic tool (EX: Lila's sword, "Lillian" or Vigil's guns) and instead are made to use the ones provided to them. Unlike a custom magic tool, the charm given to students allows them to practice all kinds of magic, which allows them to better choose the one they prefer, it also works as a tracker should they get lost and can check on a student's health in case they get injured. Because it's easy to move and can channel magic with relative ease, students wear them as accessories, Saya has fashioned hers to her skirt with a blue bow.

When a student graduates and chooses a major to study, they will be allowed to use customized magical tools better suited for their specific abilities.

Oh yeah, she's an elf by the way.

So It looks like there's a chance I might be a pirate on the open seas! I hope to some day see you all upon the shaky waters of the new world!
Signed-He who dreams of the ocean's waves


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Simon Stamps
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, my name's Danny (but not really) I'm a writer of the really cool kind and an artist. I'm not that great with colors but I'm trying; my dream's to be a manga artist so please look for me in the future!

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